Why Are Glass Dry Erase Boards Better?

Choosing a Glass Dry Erase Board New companies take heed: magnetic glass dry erase boards are the more innovative choice for your office. Think twice before you purchase; there’s so much you can do with a glass panel that you can’t do with a standard board. Incidentally, you may end up spending more money in … Continued

Dry erase markers… which to use?

Common whiteboards have been around for a long time; having replaced messy chalk blackboards.  Dry erase markers are far less of dust producers than chalk, and the vast array of available colors and even fluorescent colors makes for great presentations.  Convenient to buy, dry erase marker replacements can be found in office supply stores, drug … Continued

Glass Whiteboards… How Big Can They Be?

As glass dry erase boards take over more and more of the general marker board market, requests for larger sizes have steadily increased.  Because glass whiteboards, especially premium quality magnetic glass whiteboards are more expensive and heavier than standard porcelain or melamine dry erase boards, initial interest was in marker boards in the 3′ x … Continued

Why Pay Extra for a Glass Whiteboard?

Why pay extra for a glass whiteboard… and why pay even more for an American made premium quality magnetic glass dry erase board?  As a communication tool, whiteboards have proven to be very valuable as a collaborative idea generator… we all know how useful they are, whether in our office or in the executive boardroom. … Continued

Check Out Our Switch Boards

If you are a teacher, nurse, or project manager, you may be interested in GlassWhiteboard.com‘s newest product, the Switch Board. Using your own templates, you can interchange as often as you need. From hospital rooms to the classroom, there are endless possibilities. From the creators of the Foreverwhite® Glass Whiteboard, our Switch Board Series features … Continued