Key Ingredients: Strength and Durability

Foreverwhite® Glass Whiteboard is the ultimate answer to a dry erase board. With sleek style and a smooth glass surface, this glass board is top notch. You will never have to purchase a replacement when you invest your business with this prestigious piece of furniture. Our American-made product is not only high-quality, but also comes … Continued

Buy American Made

We are proud that we are a company that can say our product is American made. We use the highest standards to produce each board with high quality and aesthetic appeal. We use heat hardened white crystal glass fuzed to high quality steel making this the strongest and safest glass board in the world. Rich … Continued

Get Ready to be WOWED!

Are you ready to try a dry erase board that will never “ghost” or scratch or fall apart? Are you tired of seeing that meeting from a month ago hiding in the background? Get ready to be “wowed” by the Foreverwhite® Glass Whiteboard from This high quality board will last forever, never to “ghost”, … Continued