Don’t Be Fooled by Cheap Imports

We at were one of the pioneers of magnetic last way technology over five years ago. We have patent pending technology that we believe is not matched by anyone Since “the good old days “, we have seen many more competitors pop up on the Internet. By and large these competitors offer cheap imports … Continued

Clear Dry-Erase Boards vs. White Whiteboards

We find a lot of clear glass dry-erase boards on the internet. We even offer our own version. But we will be honest, it’s only available because of customer demand, not because we think is the best option. Every time we get a call for a clear board we lay it out for our customers: … Continued

Tips for Using a Whiteboard in your Presentation

It definitely can be overwhelming to do public speaking and give a presentation in the business atmosphere of today. One tool that every office chairs is a whiteboard. Sometimes, however, it can be intimidating to prepare visual elements to support your presentation. Some people are nervous about drawing. Others are worried they will distract from … Continued

Let the People Speak

We’ve heard from you – our valued customers – and now we offer the simplified pricing for our beautiful magnetic “Foreverwhite” glass dry erase boards. Now you can choose the Executive or Professional series for the same great price! Keeping it simple is the way we wanted to keep our customers 100% satisfied. So start … Continued

What Your Office Says About You

I once had a coworker with the messiest office in the world. Paper stacks were everywhere – on the desk, on the side table and on the floor.  She seemed to take pride in the fact that if you asked her for any document, she knew right where to find it. But at the same … Continued