Dry erase markers… which to use?

Common whiteboards have been around for a long time; having replaced messy chalk blackboards.  Dry erase markers are far less of dust producers than chalk, and the vast array of available colors and even fluorescent colors makes for great presentations.  Convenient to buy, dry erase marker replacements can be found in office supply stores, drug stores and even “dollar” stores.  There are dozens of brands with optional styles and performance features.

Is one brand or one style better than another?  Low odor or regular odor, chisel tip or bullet tip, thick or thin line, name brand or cheap imported no-name brand… these are all legitimate concerns.

Here at Glass Whiteboard .com, we include a magnetic pen and eraser organizer set with all magnetic glass dry erase boards we sell.  Glass whiteboards feature a much harder surface than old style porcelain/steel or melamine boards.  That’s why glassboards will never stain or “ghost” up.  The pigment from dry erase markers sits on the surface without soaking in and so erase cleanly and completely.  However, this advantage only works when the dry erase markers are not dried out or have a low pigment content.  The markers we include with our products are “Expo Bold” by Sanford, a common brand in most office supply stores.  These dry erase markers sell well and therefore the turnover reduces the odds that they’re “dried up” on the shelves.  The real key though, is to make sure that the markers are stored tip down.  This will assure that the marker will write with a bold, vibrant, and sharp appearance.

For collaborative idea generation, premium American made magnetic glass whiteboards are “state of the art”.  Spectacular good looks, impressive performance, low maintenance, and incredible longevity are absolutely worth the additional cost.  But to fully realize all the advantages these “evolved” glass marker boards offer, it is imperative that the dry erase markers you use are good quality, fresh, and that they are stored properly.

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