A Dry Erase Board for High-End Applications

When design plans call for a super premium dry erase board, whether for an executive boardroom or an upscale private office and you want it fast, try looking at our products from GlassDryEraseBoard.com. The “Executive” Series in their “Foreverwhite” Glass Whiteboard® line features an impressive one inch bevel edge border with softly rounded corners. Designed, … Continued

Clear Dry-Erase Boards vs. White Whiteboards

We find a lot of clear glass dry-erase boards on the internet. We even offer our own version. But we will be honest, it’s only available because of customer demand, not because we think is the best option. Every time we get a call for a clear board we lay it out for our customers: … Continued

Display Tonight’s Special on a Glass Magnetic

Are you a restaurant owner? Need to punch it up a bit? Consider a Black Glass Dry Erase Board! Display top menu items or tonight’s special with white or fluorescent color pens. With rich bevel edges and stainless steel mounting you’re sure to wow your guests. Not just practical, the magnetic glass blackboard is elegant … Continued

Ultra Clear Dry Erase Board

Our “Ultra Clear” Dry-Erase Board spans the office/home bridge. While it can be sharp in a modern office, it can also blend in with your home decor. Whether you’re using this crystal clear glass surface for an office meeting or writing your grocery list, the surface will never absorb inks or stains, but rather will … Continued