Why Are Glass Dry Erase Boards Better?

Choosing a Glass Dry Erase Board New companies take heed: magnetic glass dry erase boards are the more innovative choice for your office. Think twice before you purchase; there’s so much you can do with a glass panel that you can’t do with a standard board. Incidentally, you may end up spending more money in … Continued

What is Ghosting?

Seemingly Unclean Have you ever been in a classroom or in a business presentation where a dry erase board being used seemed less than clean? If so, you might have witnessed what is known as ghosting. You might have thought about whether the presenter actually cleaned the board before using it. Most likely, he or … Continued

Office Problems Solved by a Glass Dry Erase Board

Glass dry erase boards are becoming more common in offices through the United States. In fact, many offices are ditching the traditional chalk or whiteboard in favor of glass because it is easier to care for and is far more durable. Once you put your board in place, you can expect it for the rest … Continued

Dry erase markers… which to use?

Common whiteboards have been around for a long time; having replaced messy chalk blackboards.  Dry erase markers are far less of dust producers than chalk, and the vast array of available colors and even fluorescent colors makes for great presentations.  Convenient to buy, dry erase marker replacements can be found in office supply stores, drug … Continued