Glass Whiteboards For Hospital Patient Rooms

Switchboard Series

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What makes the Switch Board special is it’s slide-out panel. This allows you to quickly and easily switch out your custom printed templates leaving you with unlimited options! It’s great for hospital patient rooms, doctor’s offices, classrooms and many other applications. Our Switch Board Series features a temper-hardened glass surface which will never “ghost” or stain, and because it’s made of glass, this board is hygienic and requires virtually no maintenance. Want a specific color? The border on the Switch Board can be customized to match your needs, and with it’s brushed stainless hardware and American-made quality, the Switch Board series will fit any decor.


Size: Can be pretty much any size, but generally ranges between 18″ x 26″ to 24″ x 36″. Materials: The “Switchboard” itself is made from 6mm tempered ultra clear Starphire® glass with high polished edges and available with square or rounded corners. The slide channels are anodized aluminum and the template backer is 1/4-inch thick hard board. Border Trim: The trim color is either 1-1/2″ or 2″ wide and can be white, black, or any color in between. Simply provide the Pantone® or Benjamin Moore color number. Hardware: Four brushed stainless “edge-grip” stand-offs, four 3/16″ toggle bolts, two vinyl setting blocks, small allen wrench for the set screws, complete easy install instructions. Optional: Standard dry erase pen and eraser (also easily available at any office supply store).

Modern Apperance

Hospital patient rooms are changing. As patients are more and more being thought of as “guests”, modern hospital rooms are morphing into what are increasingly looking like hotel rooms. Furniture, accessories, colors and even medical devices are shedding their once sterile and laboratory look for a much more comforting and “design” feel. For better communication between staff and “guests”, small dry erase boards with pre-printed templates are indispensable. Important information can easily be seen by all..doctors, nurses, patients, and family members. In contemporary hospital rooms, the old style porcelain or melamine whiteboards are fast being replaced by glass dry erase boards. The tempered glass surface is hygienic and will never “ghost” up or stain, making maintenance easy and a clean appearance permanent. The switchboard is as beautiful as it is versatile, what sets this product apart from its competitors is the slide out panel which allows the custom template to be changed quickly and inexpensively. When a change is needed, such as adding or deleting a particular field, or changing the language or for almost any reason, instead of replacing the whole board, the paper template is “switched” out. Custom paper templates are easily available from any local printer.

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