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Introducing the new “Designer” Series magnetic glass dry erase board by Offering design options to architects, interior designers and sophisticated buyers, the brilliant white magnetic glass whiteboard surface is set off by the contrasting border color which can be matched to any Pantone® or Benjamin Moore® number.

Designer Series - Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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This is not your average glass marker board. The new “Designer” Series magnetic glass whiteboard has eye popping good looks, incredible performance and longevity…this is where art and function merge into a dry erase board worthy of your well-designed space. Custom sizes also available!

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  • Bold and dramatic appearance
  • Flawless performance
  • No “ghosting,” no stains – EVER!
  • Doubles as a magnetic tack board
  • Virtually indestructible & maintenance-free
  • Never wears out!
  • Made in USA!

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Glass dry erase boards… should they be white or can they be some other color?

The reason most whiteboards are actually white is because standard dry erase pens contrast best against the white background. This is especially true with color pens such as red, green, or blue. Clear or frosted glass marker boards can also be poor backgrounds for contrast.

On the other hand, a glass dry erase board that is color matched to the office or boardroom decor or that incorporates the company identity or marketing color, can be very impressive.

The primary purpose of a whiteboard is a collaborative idea generator and communication tool. The bonus of using a premium quality glass whiteboard is that it also looks great and lasts virtually forever.

So, do we go with white as a marker board background in which writing stands out and is easy for everyone to see or do we go for the upscale decorative color background which will add style and pizazz, but where writing or images are a little harder to discern? The answer can be found at and the “Designer Series” magnetic glass dry erase boards, featuring a customizable color border trim surrounding a gleaming white interior. As functional as it is beautiful, the “Designer Series” glass marker boards can be made in almost any size and ships in three to four weeks.