Office Problems Solved by a Glass Dry Erase Board

Glass dry erase boards are becoming more common in offices through the United States. In fact, many offices are ditching the traditional chalk or whiteboard in favor of glass because it is easier to care for and is far more durable. Once you put your board in place, you can expect it for the rest of your time at the office and beyond. Knowing about all of the ways this type of board can help you will ensure that you are getting the most out of the glass dry erase boards in your office.

Make Sure that the Glass Whiteboard Fits the Office

When you choose a glass dry erase board, you can customize the size so that you can be sure that it fits perfectly into your office. This is a good thing for all offices, especially those that are small, cluttered, or odd in shape. You can determine the right size for your board and the company will cut it perfectly to fit or you may choose one of the many stock sizes that are available for immediate shipping.

Never Worry about Having to Look at a Stained Whiteboard

Standard whiteboards start to stain after a while, and once the staining is bad, there is no way to restore them to looking like new again. However, with glass, there is no risk of staining. You can ensure that the board always looks brand-new, even if you allow the marker to sit on the board for several days. A simple glass cleaner is all it takes to keep your board in perfect condition.

Reduce the Paper Reminders and Notification in the Office

Using a magnetic board replaces the need to print out everything on paper and post the papers around your office. You simply place a magnetic board in a central location and post or stick all the important notes and memos on it. Once a certain announcement is no longer valid, simply wipe it away and put a new important note in its place.

Break Up Your Office Space and Increase Productivity

Some office spaces are very large and there are just not enough employees to fully fill the space. You can break things up and add some flow to the office by strategically placing glass dry erase boards throughout. Then, your employees can use these to keep notes, brainstorm, do work, or even host meetings close to their work space. In this case, they act as both walls and productivity tools. You can use a magnetic board in a number of ways to improve the look, function and productivity of your office. Consider any of the uses listed above to transform your space and get more out of your day. You will find that things run smoother and that you are able to better organize your office space, whether it is large or small. This helps your employees to work as efficiently as possible to get things done.

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