A Dry Erase Board Like No Other

Melamine on a cardboard backing is a typical run-of-the-mill dry erase board that you will find at your local retailer. You may hang it up with the special peel and stick magnets or with the so-called “non-damaging” tape, only to be disappointed that a few months later the “ghosting” effect has ruined that once shiny … Continued

Ultra Clear Dry Erase Board

Our “Ultra Clear” Dry-Erase Board spans the office/home bridge. While it can be sharp in a modern office, it can also blend in with your home decor. Whether you’re using this crystal clear glass surface for an office meeting or writing your grocery list, the surface will never absorb inks or stains, but rather will … Continued

All Glass Dry Erase Boards Are Not The Same

As you research Glass Dry Erase Boards on the web, you will quickly find cheap imports from China made of low-quality glass that will shatter easily. A much better option is to look for boards that are American-made, using durable tempered glass that won’t break. Even better, you can opt for magnetic glass, so that … Continued