Why Are Glass Dry Erase Boards Better?

Smiling Woman Writing on Glass Whiteboard

Choosing a Glass Dry Erase Board

New companies take heed: magnetic glass dry erase boards are the more innovative choice for your office. Think twice before you purchase; there’s so much you can do with a glass panel that you can’t do with a standard board. Incidentally, you may end up spending more money in the long run if you go with paint-on dry erase enamel or a hanging marker board. Glass boards are long lasting, don’t ghost, are elegant, and have multiple uses. With features like that, buying a glass panel marker board might have you patting yourself on the back for a job well done.

They Last a Lifetime

The shelf lives of many dry erase boards are fairly short. With some products, it’s possible that you may have to replace them after a while. Some people think they can simply make their own marker board, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you can’t get rid of smudges and stains on DIY boards. However, glass whiteboards are the only type to often come with a lifetime warranty. That means the one bought for your office shouldn’t wear or ghost. In fact, most are built with such durability that only a diamond can scratch them.

They Don’t Ghost

When you just can’t seem to get your whiteboard clean, what do you do? If you simply ignore it, and write on it anyway, your employees or customers might have a hard time reading what’s been written. This issue is often referred to as ghosting. With a glass dry erase board, you won’t ever have that issue again. You can feel safe during any presentation that your visual aid will be helpful instead of hindering.

They Are Sleek and Stylish

Everything you buy for your business can help create the atmosphere you want. You may think that skimping on something like a whiteboard won’t hurt, but to create success, one must also create the image of success. That includes selecting an excellent presentation and planning tool like a magnetic dry erase board. You can select from designer styles to suit your company’s needs and have your name and/or logo printed on the board. Likewise, you can determine what size would work best for your business. Regardless of your needs, you are likely to find a glass whiteboard that suits your decor.

They Are Multifaceted

Most dry erase boards only allow you to write and erase. For many people, that small scope is just too limited. In order to increase utility, many companies are choosing magnetic dry erase boards. Imagine being able to pin an image to your whiteboard while writing comments just next to it. Or perhaps you need to write over a document without making permanent marks. Depending on the type of glass whiteboard you purchase, you can have the opportunity to make these dreams a reality. Many are magnetic, and some allow you to slip sheets of paper behind the glass pane. Forget all the clutter in your meeting office and opt for a magnetic glass dry erase board instead.

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