The One Thing Her Office Couldn’t Live Without

I recently read an online article about a woman who worked in the corporate world and eventually moved on to having a home-based business. The one staple that she could not live without was her whiteboard! She used it more than paper clips, staples or even the ink-jet printer. She used the whiteboard to organize … Continued

Glass Whiteboards–Magnetic or Non-magnetic?

Ok, so now we know that glass dry erase boards are inherently better than the older style porcelain on steel or the plastic coated kind. Although relatively cheap, the previous generation of marker boards have a tendency to “ghost” up…the faint shadow of yesterdays meeting is still there today. And after a while, the stains … Continued

Glass Dry Erase Board-No Hidden Prices!

When you are looking for a product, be it something small like clothing or home decor to something as large as furniture, you want to know the price without the pressure of talking to someone, right? That’s why we list our prices. So you can know outright what fits into your budget instead of wasting … Continued