The One Thing Her Office Couldn’t Live Without

I recently read an online article about a woman who worked in the corporate world and eventually moved on to having a home-based business. The one staple that she could not live without was her whiteboard! She used it more than paper clips, staples or even the ink-jet printer. She used the whiteboard to organize and keep track of her to-do list. She used it to set up charts and graphs. She used it for her grocery list. She used it until it “fell apart.”

If only she knew about the Foreverwhite® glass whiteboard. It will never fall apart. In this article she even said, “I don’t mind spending my hard-earned money when it comes to tools and equipment that will help me work more efficiently.” By spending more on a customizable glass whiteboard from, she would still be using the same American-made board made with the highest quality of glass and steel.

The author goes on to talk about cleaning the board after ghosting occurs. Too bad she even has to see ghosting occur at all. With a Foreverwhite® magnetic glass dry erase board, she would not see that to do list that was supposedly done a few weeks ago. With a strong, smooth surface, erasing is easy and there is no ghosting, ever! Even with a permanent marker, this surface is clean.

When setting up her office, the author said that she purchased a 36″ x 48″ board – “the largest I could find” to attach to her wall. The largest board we offer is 48″ x 96″ and is magnetic as well. And includes custom glass “memo” magnets and a magnetic pen and eraser caddy that “clicks” right to the board.

The Foreverwhite® glass whiteboard is our most popular board. If you are setting up your office, consider us for your needs.

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