The VERY best dry erase board on Earth!

In every product or service category, someone has to be the best…For the common dry erase board, whom might that be? What’s the criterion for consideration? I think we can immediately eliminate all dry erase boards that are not glass boards. Anything else will eventually stain or “ghost” up. And there are options when it … Continued

Board of Steel

Ok…So now you know that dry erase boards have evolved and that a tempered glass surface is harder than porcelain, steel or melamine and so therefore will never absorb inks or stains. No ‘ghosting”, easy maintenance, incredible longevity and they look cool too! What’s not to like? But glass boards come in a wide variety … Continued

High Quality with Pride

We are proud to say that we are an American Small Business that produces an American made product. Unlike big box stores that import from China, we are a company that offers a personal customer service that takes pride in the people that we serve. We are excited that we can bring the American business … Continued