Tips for Using a Whiteboard in your Presentation

It definitely can be overwhelming to do public speaking and give a presentation in the business atmosphere of today.

One tool that every office chairs is a whiteboard. Sometimes, however, it can be intimidating to prepare visual elements to support your presentation. Some people are nervous about drawing. Others are worried they will distract from the point, visually show something that is not helpful to their presentation.

So we have prepared some tips below to help you jump over that public speaking hurdle when it comes to presenting with a whiteboard.

  1. Prepare in advance – Do a rough outline of your presentation with a clear mind. Include a clear beginning, middle and end, just like when you were a kid doing a book report. Then go back through that outline and circle pieces that might work visually.
  2. Sketch it out – Now take some scratch paper and do some quick sketches on those subjects. Keep in mind that you can’t take the time to draw something too complicated or something that will take too long. Eliminate some of your circled ideas, so that you are left with one image for roughly every five minutes you are speaking.
  3. Have fun! – If you have fun with your whiteboard drawings, everyone else will too. Stop trying to draw nice pictures and instead think of silly ways to get your point across. Do a quick Google search for inspiration, find some simply drawn characters that could be drawn quickly and still convey a point. Icons are great for this. For example, headphones to show listening or a magnifying glass to show searching.

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