What Your Office Says About You

I once had a coworker with the messiest office in the world. Paper stacks were everywhere – on the desk, on the side table and on the floor.  She seemed to take pride in the fact that if you asked her for any document, she knew right where to find it. But at the same time, when the corporate head honchos were going to visit our office, she was warned by her supervisor to clean house. And for good reason. It looked like a pig sty.

So, even if you’re comfortable working in “beautiful chaos,” think about your image. You don’t go to work in sweat pants or with uncombed hair.

Now, I’m sure my coworker was not actually proud of her messiness. But we here at GlassDryEraseBoard.com encourage you to keep a nice, organized and beautiful office space.

There are many office supplies or general tips that can help you do this:

  • Make sure you have appropriate filing cabinets in folders.
  • Keep as many things electronic as you can.
  • Consider getting a whiteboard to eliminate some of your paper waste. Not only is it convenient and green, but residing on your wall, it can look beautiful and help eliminate the clutter.

So get organized, clean up that office, and make a great impression in your workplace!

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