Glass Whiteboards… How Big Can They Be?

As glass dry erase boards take over more and more of the general marker board market, requests for larger sizes have steadily increased.  Because glass whiteboards, especially premium quality magnetic glass whiteboards are more expensive and heavier than standard porcelain or melamine dry erase boards, initial interest was in marker boards in the 3′ x 4′ or 4′ x 5′ range.  But as the inherent advantages of glass dry erase boards became evident, larger boards appropriate for executive offices or boardrooms are now in demand. carries glass marker boards up to 48″ x 120″ as stock items which ship in 24 hours or less.  It’s not that larger sizes can’t be made, because we do offer custom sizes even larger than that, it’s just that they become more problematical to ship (the customer needs to have a commercial loading dock to accept the delivery) and they are a little trickier to install (weighing about 170 pounds).

In the “Foreverwhite” Glass Whiteboard line of magnetic glass dry erase boards, their “Professional” Series, which features crisp and modern flat polished edges and square corners, are perfect for combining panels to form a larger expanse.  Whole walls can be covered in this manner and they recommend calling their technical department at 1-877-793-1011 for guidance and suggestions as to which of their many available stock sizes would work best.

Since magnetic glass whiteboards are made from tempered glass fused to high performance steel, they are very much stronger and tougher than plain tempered or non-tempered glass dry erase boards being sold in the marketplace.  For large sized glass marker boards (6,7, or 8 feet long), this is a very important detail.  Non-magnetic glass boards can shatter like a basketball backboard or an automobile side window and are not recommended for larger sized dry erase boards.  Check out the YouTube® video “Glass Whiteboard vs. 90 mph Slap Shot to be really convinced how truly invincible a well made magnetic glass dry erase board can be.

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