Why Pay Extra for a Glass Whiteboard?

Why pay extra for a glass whiteboard… and why pay even more for an American made premium quality magnetic glass dry erase board?  As a communication tool, whiteboards have proven to be very valuable as a collaborative idea generator… we all know how useful they are, whether in our office or in the executive boardroom.  But we also know how frustrating it can be when they “ghost” up or stain to the point where they become a distraction, and in some cases, even an eyesore!

Glass marker boards, when they are well made, eliminate this problem completely.  They never “ghost”… they don’t even show signs of wear, even after decades of use.  And a magnetic glass dry erase board, such as the “Foreverwhite” series by GlassWhiteboard.com not only is useful as a “magnetic” tack board, but is nearly indestructible!  Check out the YouTube® video, “Glass Whiteboard vs. 90-mph Slap Shot”… it’s very convincing.

Another advantage of glass whiteboards is that they look great.  Not just a useful office or conference room accessory, a well designed glass white board actually adds high style and decor… as impressive as any wall art.

So, is it worth the extra premium for an advanced version of the common dry erase board?  Is it worth paying for a Mercedes Benz when a Chevy can take you from Point A to Point B?  If it comes down to a value judgement, the fact that a superior quality magnetic glass white board looks great, works great, and never wears out, makes the choice obvious.

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