Starting Off 2014 Right with Your New Board

The new year is here! Will you start off 2014 running or at a sluggish crawl?

Here are some things you can do to make sure your business or educational facility starts the new year on the right foot, using one of the most important creative tools in your inventory: Your new Glass Whiteboard.

  • Set realistic and attainable goals for the year. Start off by writing down some goals for your business or school for 2014 on the left side of your whiteboard. Be free to write down anything and everything that comes to mind. Don’t think – just put marker to board and go loose. You can then whittle these goals down on the right side of your board to what you believe will be realistic or attainable for the year. Some examples could be “grow receivables by 10 percent” or “hire two new teachers each quarter.”
    Tip: Use different colored markers for the type of goal. Try “green” for financial goals and “yellow” for personnel goals, for instance.
  • Split up your goals by quarter or shorter intervals. Once you have landed upon the set of goals you hope to attain by the end of the year, erase the left side of the board and use it to break down your main goals to what can be achieved each quarter. For large goals that will take the whole year, split them up into as many steps as possible and spread these throughout the year. Also assign who will be responsible for each goal if you’ll be delegating tasks.
  • Establish rewards for meeting goals. Now that you’ve assigned out which goals will be completed each quarter and by whom, establish a rewards system to increase motivation to reach each goal. For example, if you reach a goal of reducing expenses on supplies by 20 percent each quarter, plan on investing half of what you save on additional supplies (such as a second or third whiteboard from us). You can also create a list of rewards from which your employees can choose for reaching a goal. For example, you could offer a pizza party reward for each section that reduces its travel expenses each quarter. Another popular reward is offering “casual day coupons” for your workers.
  • Set up a system for tracking goal progress. The best part about using your Glass Whiteboard and permanent makers to plan for your 2014 is you can leave up your goals and rewards system for the entire year. You can refer to your goals list and timelines throughout the year, and having it on a public space such as your boardroom board can provide a constant visual reminder for where you are planning on steering your business or school each year.

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