Glass Whiteboards – Magnetic vs. Non-Magnetic

Some glass dry erase boards, superior versions of old style whiteboards, can be either magnetic or non-magnetic.

Magnetic glass boards are generally back painted tempered glass laminated to steel. Non-magnetic glass boards can be clear glass, ultra clear low-iron glass, frosted glass, or back painted glass. They can come in thicknesses from 1/8” to ¼” plate glass and should be tempered. Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass, making it much harder to break. Tempered glass can break, however, and when it does, it will shatter into thousands of tiny glass pebbles. When tempered glass shatters, it’s similar to a car window or basketball backboard, which is not dangerous, but what a mess!

A magnetic glass whiteboard, besides being handy as a magnetic “tack board” and dry erase board, is incredibly durable. These boards are far stronger than any similar non-magnetic version. The magnetic board will never shatter nor flex. Addressing liability issues, magnetic glass boards are the way to go. When you choose to purchase a premium product such as the “Foreverwhite” Glass Whiteboard from, the included magnetic organizer set simply “clicks” right to the board, eliminating the need for a messy and unsightly “chalk-tray”. A magnetic glass whiteboard is the ultimate evolution of the common dry-erase board.

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