Glass Whiteboards for the School Environment… Why They’re a Better Option

Dry erase boards are a standard feature in most colleges and universities, either in classrooms, collaborative areas, or in faculty offices and conference rooms.  As ubiquitous and useful as they are, there are some negatives associated with standard whiteboards.

“Ghosting” and staining are at the top of the list of complaints for dry erase boards.  Trying to eliminate the stains makes maintenance an issue also.  Appearance is yet another problem, as a stained or discolored whiteboard can look pretty shoddy until it’s finally tossed out and replaced.  Then, there’s the matter of vandalism… on purpose or by accident.  Using a permanent marker can absolutely ruin a standard dry erase board and because they aren’t very sturdy to begin with, physical abuse is another difficulty.

So what’s the solution?  Magnetic glass dry erase boards such as the “Foreverwhite” glass whiteboard by answers all of the above concerns.  The quartz-hard surface will never absorb inks or stains.  Maintenance is a snap… a squirt of any glass cleaner and a few seconds is all it takes.  Even permanent marker is easily removed with no “ghosting.”

As far as the durability of a glass marker board and the ability to stand up to abuse, check out a video on YouTube titled “Glass Whiteboard vs. 90 mph Slap Shot“.  You will be amazed!

A magnetic glass whiteboard looks great, works great, and never wears out.  This is why, without question,  they’re a better option!

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