Glass Dry Erase Board Installation

“Foreverwhite” Glass Whiteboards by are so easy to install that even a couple of clowns can do it!  AND there’s even a video to prove it.

Magnetic glass whiteboards are far and away the best version of the ubiquitous dry erase board. Gaining more acceptance and popularity, the inevitable question arises… are they difficult to install?  After all, they are made of glass!

Well first of all, the magnetic glass dry erase boards by are super strong tempered Starphire® plate glass fused to 24 gauge steel – VERY strong.  The included brushed stainless “edge-grip” stand-offs are easy to install and include heavy duty toggle bolts for easy hanging on drywall… no need to hit studs or “block” the wall.  Install them exactly where you want.  Takes two people about 15 – 20 minutes.  Required tools are a level, a drill, and a phillips screwdriver.

Call our technical department at 1-877-793-1011 with any questions.

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