About Our Glass Whiteboards

“Foreverwhite” Glass Whiteboard ® featuring patent pending magnetic glass technology.

These are the boards of the future, with new technology and advanced design. They will complement any office or board room!

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Pricing and Shipping

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“Foreverwhite” Glass Whiteboard ® stock sizes
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shipping charges are additional.
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Custom sizes available.
Prices subject to change.
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Professional or Executive Series:

30″ x 42″ – $699
42″ x 42″ – $899
42″ x 60″ – $1,099
42″ x 72″ – $1,399
48″ x 72″ – $1,599
42″ x 84″ – $1,699
42″ x 96″ – $1,999
48″ x 96″ – $2,399


What’s the difference between the Executive and Professional Series?

The Executive Series comes richly detailed with rounded corners and beveled edges. A marriage of art and function, the Executive Series can be further enhanced by adding your company name and logo…very impressive. The Professional Series features contemporary flat polished edges and square corners, making it ideal for less formal settings or for putting together to form a larger expanse. More FAQs

Information for Specifiers

Looking for a way to add class to your business? Office managers, facility planners, architects, interior designers and other professionals will find it with the The “Foreverwhite” Glass Whiteboard ®.

Our high quality glass whiteboards have improved the aesthetics of boardrooms, executive offices, universities and other cutting edge businesses.

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Why Is the “Foreverwhite” Glass Whiteboard ® So Durable?

We use heat hardened white crystal glass fuzed to high quality steel making this the strongest and safest glass board in the world. Rich design detail and well-though-out engineering results in a glass dry erase board that looks amazing and performs even better. The quartz-hard surface will never deteriorate or absorb inks or stains, not even permanent marker. Writing and erasing is so smooth and easy, everyone will love using this board and it will last virtually forever.

How Much Do the Boards Cost?

The first question our customers have when they call is about price. Why do our competitors hide their pricing? We’re not sure, but we’ve always shared our pricing with you, because we know how frustrating it is to have to call or e-mail for such basic information.

In fact, we have our prices on our home page, and again on our Prices page, where you can buy instantly online as well.