Increase Productivity with a Glass Dry Erase Board

Glass dry erase boards are common in offices and classrooms because they provide a place to quickly jot down notes and plans. While technology allows for plenty of efficiency, there are times when you need to write things down in a central place. Knowing how to use this type of board will help increase your productivity.

Create a Visual Aid

This type of board works well during work meetings so that everyone can see the information which helps to reinforce what is being presented. The same goes for classrooms where students can take notes off the board and at home for parents who homeschool. Our magnetic glass whiteboards allow you to attach separate notes directly to the board for easy access.

Help Those Who Are Visual Learners

Visual learners remember information better when they see it presented both visually and verbally. Using a glass dry erase board allows teachers to use different marker colors for organization and to enhance the visual learner’s experience. Since our boards don’t “ghost” or stain there are no underlying marks to distract students from the information being presented. These boards can also work well for things like graphs and images to help reinforce the lesson.

When working with visual learners, using a whiteboard can replace printouts and other paper learning aids. This saves time and money while still ensuring the students get what they need to easily absorb the information.

Provide a Professional Presentation

Whether you are presenting at work or school, your presentation has to be on point and provide the right information in an easy-to-read format. You can write out important points as you go along so that those seeing the presentation are able to take notes. This also serves as a visual aid for your audience to keep them interested as you talk. As an added bonus, you can use this type of board as a projection screen if you are using a slideshow or film.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The old blackboards are not easy to clean, but a glass dry erase board wipes clean with the eraser as long as you use the correct markers. You can use soap and water to completely restore the board, or a glass cleaner, depending on the exact type of board you use. If you use your board frequently, you want to clean it about once a week to keep it free from leftover marker coloring.

Those with breathing problem like asthma benefit from a glass boards since there is no chalk dust associated with using them. Because of this, these types of boards are ideal in classroom for children with asthma and office environments where some coworkers may have breathing difficulties.

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